Iakinthos (Hyacinth) was a handsome man from Sparta, a companion of Apollo, god of the sun, and of Zefyros, god of the wind. These two gods were competing for gaining Iakinthos’ favour. One day Apollo was teaching discus-throwing to Iakinthos, but Zefyros got jealous and blew on the disc, but the disc hit Iakinthos on the head killing him. From Iakinthos’ blood, Apollo created this flower which represents stability and honesty.

Iakinthos is our second one-room suite with more country-like tones located on the mezzanine of our building. Having an independent entrance, it creates the feeling of independence and adventure. In the same area with the bedroom there is the sitting room with a convertible sofa, television and air conditioning, and kitchenette with refrigerator. Iakinthos can accommodate from 2 to 3 persons.