According to the myth, Narkissos (Narcissus) was an exceptionally handsome young man. His mother has told him that he would stay like that for his whole life if he wouldn’t become obsessed with his beauty. But when he was looking himself mirroring on the calm water of a lake, he was so charmed by his beauty that he stood still admiring himself. So gods transformed him into a flower. Synonymous to spring and winter’s end, represents the rebirth, the fresh start and future prosperity.

Narkissos is our second two room suite. In simple earthly beige and sandy brown tones and a white window in the interior creates the feeling of tranquility and luxury. With an individual bedroom, a spacious sitting room with a convertible sofa, television and air conditioning in both areas, kitchenette with refrigerator, Narkissos can accommodate from 2 to 4 persons.