Named after Peonas, a student of Asklipios who was the god of health and medicine. Once, Lito, who was Apollo’s mother and goddess of fertility, taught Peonas how to find a magic root which grew on mountain Olympus which could sooth women’s birth-giving pain. Asklipios got jealous and tried to murder his student, but god Zeus turned him into a flower in order to be rescued from Asklipios’ rage. Peonia represents health, prosperity and is a sign of good luck for a marriage.

Peonia is one of our two one-room suites. With romantic tones of purple, and a slab tilled road below its balcony, gives a sensation of romance. In the same area with the bedroom there is the sitting room with a convertible sofa, television and air conditioning, kitchenette with refrigerator, and can accommodate from 2 to 3 persons.